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General guild rules:

1. Behemoth is a PvE oriented guild with raiding as its primary aim, therefore upon joining we expect from you to dedicate most of your time ingame to this goal.

2. Being a member of Behemoth implies the responsibility of honoring that name and all that it stands for at anytime. Anyone found defaming the reputation of the guild by inadequate behavior will be removed from the guild.

3. The word of an officer is final and you are to act accordingly. Do not apply if you can't handle what is at times harsh criticism!

4. We expect from all our members to read and acknowledge the rules stated herein.

5. When you are recruited we recruit you for a certain role in raids, so no matter what spec you will have later on you'll have the same role in raids at all times beginning from recruitment (unless instructed otherwise).

6. Guild bank: We encourage members to donate items whenever possible to the guild bank, either for guild's profit or for other members to use. An EP boost may be given for large donations. The gold made by the guild bank will be used to buy potions/reagents needed for certain raid encounters and to buy rare recipes for the guild craftsmen.

7. Alt characters: these characters will be allowed on raids - but only IF you are not needed on your main character, and you will always have lower priority on items. However we encourage the use of alt characters for "farming" the reagents/potions you need in raids on your main character, since the main character should be PvE spec-ed and not so suited for this job.

8. If you are offline for more than 1 week without notifying your CO/posting on the "AFK" section of the forum you will be removed from the guild.

Raid rules:

9. Guild Channels: All guild members should be in their respective class channels at all times. Your class channel will be told to you upon joining.

10. While raiding you must always follow your raid leader's instructions. If you have suggestions of changes in strategy, suggest them in your respective channel so that the class leaders can submit them in the officer channel.

11. It will not be possible to fit everyone into the raid group at all times. Being on time and the meeting point and not getting a spot in raid will make you eligible for being a standby/replacement for that raid, so if you remain online (regardless the character) and available (not in an instance/ready for summon in 3 minutes) as a replacement you will receive full DKP/attendance for that raid. Notify your CO/raid leader about your present state and availability, as well as when you plan to go offline.

12. Addons: a few addons are required for raiding at all times, you will be notified about them upon joining.

13. Raid attendance: There are 4 raids/week and we expect you attend at least 3 of them. Failure to do so will be detrimental to your raid attendance. Players above 75% raid attendance will have a slight priority on items over the members with attendance bellow 75%.

14. You are expected to turn up for a raid at the designated point 15 minutes before the raid time. Being online after the raid actually starts will result in you being eligible as a replacement but not getting EP until you actually (if at all) join the raid. If you are on time you can be a replacement with full EP (as rule 11 states), if you are not on time however, you may get called, and get EP from that point on (that is, we don't expect you to be waiting on a summon , or waiting until the raid finishes before you can log off).

15. When the raid leader is giving instructions pay attention and be silent. Keep spam during these kind of discussions to a minimum.

16. IF you want to raid we expect you to be fully aware and knowledgeable of the tactics required on the encounters for that specific raid. No excuses are accepted and you will be removed from the raid/replaced by someone who is more prepared than you. You can start with the "Tactics" section on the forum.

17. Upon joining your CO will inform you about the consumables you are expected to have on you in all raids and at all times. Our guild craftsmen will help you as long as you acquire the reagents needed.

18. Going AFK repeatedly during a raid will result in you being removed from the raid. Also getting "d/c-ed" more than 3 times due to connection problems will have the same result.

19. The Streaming of Guild raids is only permitted under certain conditions, these will be explained to you should you wish to stream raids.
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